Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yashiro Contest Entry - Just About Anything Blog Review

The moment I set foot(?) to her blog, the first thing I noticed was the really nice cartoon outside scenery complete with a tree house, the sun peeking out, flowers on the grass with soothing colors, a pop up window, and cute animals.Needless to say, I thought the overall layout of her site is awesome and looks nicely custom made. I hope to get something like this for my blog one day too.

In any case, in her blog she talks on Just About Anything related to her life experiences and current faves, which I think is pretty cool.She can blog about a lot of different topics that involves being a mom., food, and contests. See, the stuff she writes about are useful!

An entertainment related post she made talked about her love affair with Coffee Prince, and I totally know she is dead on as this is one of my most fave dramas next to Hana Yori Dango.And you could be sure it would have a good ending. :)

Blog Review Entry for: “Join POST… DROP… and win CASH” 
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