Good Movies List

The Bounty Hunter

If you have ever been in a failed marriage, then you would know exactly how it feels to want to strangle the person from the other party who just wasted several months/years of your life.

Now if you found out that the person committed a crime and that you are now tasked to bring your wife to jail, wouldn't you jump on it in a heartbeat? Yep, no doubt about it. 


On the outside, he makes the perfect hunter for his ex-wife as he knows everything about her – lucky place, lucky letter, favourite outfits, he knows she gets too into her career, and he knows when she is faking a cry or when it is real.

On the other hand, being together in the car or hotel room while being chased by Drug Dealers may just makes one wonder why they had ended up separating in the first place.
60% - Just enough to be mildly entertaining, but not so much. Okay. Not original. Predictable story-line.

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Edition)Angelina Jolie Celebrity Pack
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Iron Man 2

After watching Iron Man, weren't you just raring to go ahead and watch Iron Man 2? And of course you'd expect more ego, more romantic encounters (a semi love triangle even), more parties, more suits, more intense fighting, smarter villains, more pew pew kaboom?

Well you'll be happy to know they got all that and more! Whiplash turned out to be an evil genius and Black Widow is making Pepper jealous! What's more, Tony believes he is dying because the Palladium in his heart is slowly contaminating his blood, so that could only mean he should live life partying, and maybe even musk up the courage to confess!

Oh, and Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't too happy about Tony's wild antics. Will Tony a.k.a. Iron Man get accepted to join the Avengers? You'll see!
 100% - Perfect. Or Almost. Content, Originality, Style, the whole damn package!

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Edition)Iron Man (2-Disc Ultimate 
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to the Armored Super HeroMarvel Iron Man: The Complete
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Vol. 1Mad Engine Young Men's No 
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