Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yahiro Contest Entry - Momgen's Corner and Momgen's Craft Corner Blog Review

I really like to look at Etsy online shops as I always find something either really cute or useful! So having both is definitely a big plus!

Now, do you need some quality plastic envelopes to protect your crafts from dust, dirt, bugs, moisture, mildew, and other icky stuff? Well now you can order them over at her Momgen's Corner to purchase one now! This site has a thorough description of the products she is selling and it's pretty affordable too. She also sells Hard Punch Circles in a variety of cool colors for Scrapbooking and Card Making purposes that can be useful for craft makers that don't have too much time in their hands.

For more of her cool Scrapbooking Supplies, you can head on over to Gengen Studio.Here she sells Rubber Stamps, Patterned Scrapbooking Paper, Butterfly Sequins, and other assorted Scrapbooking materials that are nice and cheap! Those are music to my ears. :)

Momgen Craft Corner

Now you might be asking who is Momgen! Well, she also own her own blog at Momgen Craft Corner which will tell you some updates about her online shop and personal descriptions of the items for sale.

Cute how the layout is almost just like the button. hehe It's blue, white, and squarish! hehe The layout is pretty nice as it is quite simple, but you very well know it's a crafts blog with some assorted products for sale.

She also advertises to feature a seller everyday from ETSY or ARTFIRE, nice places. If you want free advertising then you can go ahead and leave a comment at her cool blog.

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