Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yashiro's Contest Entry - Recaptured Moments Review

Recaptured Moments

Funny how when I was first checking out the site I felt the clouds moved, and I was like no way, that's just my imagination. But then I blinked and somehow noticed that it moved again, just a little bit. So I spent some time stupidly looking at the clouds and cheering whenever it moved, pretty cool. Though I wonder by how much this slows down loading. Would be nice to have more of these designs that I can be happy about.

The blog is actually a personal blog with her thoughts about her family and for now specifically about her baby who is about to have her 2nd Birthday! Yay! Really a time for preparations for the celebration; you can follow her to see how it turns out! I like how she used video clips to make the presentation per post more appealing to her readers that I'm sure look forward to each update!

Blog Review Entry for: “Join POST… DROP… and win CASH” 
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