Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yashiro Contest Entry - One Day at a Time Blog Review

Rache The Blogger

I think what I like about "One Day at a Time" is that it is a blog that tackles just about anything that you experience on a regular basis like food, photos, movies, blogging, and sometimes just anything out of the blue and in this way she is spontaneous :) I'm also into a lot of fun stuff, and I think we have quite a few in common regarding this. Check out her about page to learn more about this fun gal.

It's also a plus that she is a user of Entrecard and Top Commentator so people can also gain more exposure from visiting her blog. This is a good way to get regular people in your blog from dropping and commenting.

I think these are just some of the few reasons why she has a bunch of Blog Awards which credits her nice blog and her being a nice friend.

The layout is pretty simple which I particularly like. There are a lot of widgets though, and maybe a widget or two can be removed to improve loading speed, as it is not a calculated into Page Rank. I'm not an expert on this, but basically I try to remove any widget that I don't really need. (But I have a few guilty pleasures! hehe)

Blog Review Entry for: “Join POST… DROP… and win CASH”
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