Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Win! Entrecard Credits

I apologize that I haven't been dropping regularly. I've been away, but that's no excuse.

So I have decided to hold a small contest for top droppers this month, and give out some of the credits I got from you guys. Sound good? :)

As you might know, I have a new domain now! As this blogspot one has OK traffic, I am promoting that other site. 

So please drop by there:  ---> http://clickonportal.com

I will only count drops at that site! (You can still drop on both though, if you really want to :) 

On the other hand, I might drop by as either my old or new blog. lol

1st: 500 EC
2nd: 400 EC
3rd: 325 EC
4th: 275 EC
5th: 250 EC
6th-10th: 125 EC each
Total: 2375 EC ---> Sorry if it's small, it's all I can afford right now... I hope you guys will still participate!

---> If you haven't yet, you should join in the Entrecard fun!