Saturday, March 27, 2010

HIMYM: It's Le -wait for it- gendary. True Story.

 Every so often you come across a TV show that you just have to get on DVD, and HIMYM is one of them. 
Here is the story of a guy, let's call him Ted Mosby, who's on a quest to find the mother of his children, and any single guy would know that this is no small feat. Here is one guy presented with 3 billion women, just how do you know which is THE one? I guess you'll just have to go through them one by one. Meet, date, get to know a bit more, find something unappealing, break up, start over- yep that's the story of Ted's life so far, and I will tell you one thing, it is hilarious.  

Along with that problem, he is also a struggling Architect who wants to one day build a skyscraper in New York. It's not easy being Ted, but that's life, and he's just got to get through with it somehow. It's a good thing he is surrounded with good people who makes things easier (or harder) for him. 
Let's start off with Robin. So the story kicks off with Ted starting off a relationship the worst possible way, that is, just when they were getting more comfortable on a date in her apartment, he tells Robin he loves her. Now, you may think okay, yeah that's not so bad...but believe me, if you know Robin, this is disastrous! You see, Robin has the single bug and despises any relationship that has something to do with getting serious, so any guy saying I love you is literally the kiss of death. Fortunately for Ted, they still managed to stay friends and Robin even became part of their small group. 

So next comes Marshall, the humongous cuddly teddy bear lawyer, and Ted's best friend since college. He has always watched out for Ted and he got his back. They are currently room mates and tell each other everything. 

Is Marshall's soulmate, his other half. They met in college and have since been inseparable. They are the epitomy of the perfect couple since they started dating, making Marshall the exact opposite of Ted. 

Lily might be small but she is tough and two steps ahead of the game, she is known to give sound advice. She is also a preschool teacher and gets a meagre salary, but she doesn't care about that as she is aspiring to be a renowned artist even if she is not so good in that aspect.

Ah, Barney. So where do I start? He is the Le-wait for it-gendary author of "The Bro Code", which was written in the earlieth centurieth. You say that's impossible, tell that to Barney. 

So rule #1, "Bros Before Hoes", sage words I'd say, bros gotta stick to each other. And just to make it clear, "Bros" aren't limited to men, and at one point Robin became an even better Bro than Ted. True story. 

So Barney is Ted's unofficial best friend, I say unofficial because he is the only one that thinks so. He sees himself as Ted's wing man and is forever trying to sway Ted away from the idea of marriage. That to Barney is the disease that plagues mankind, the hole in the ozone layer, the termite in a wooden house, well you get the picture. To say that Barney is scared of commitment is to say that the Black Death is just a minor hiccup. So as expected, he has never even been close to being steady with just one woman, well, until Robin- but let's save that for another time. (Two people scared of commitment getting together? Epic.) As far as he is concerned for now, he is the ultimate available bachelor and a prize to women everywhere. One time, he just swore off marriage and became awesome instead. True story. 

He actually also wrote "The Playbook", a sure fire, tested, underhanded guide, on how to make passes on women. This contains all his moves and techniques, that every girl he ever played with wants to claw into, or feed (him) to the sharks. You see, Barney is known to seduce a woman, then run off the second he got her to bed. It's actually so ingrained in his system that he can even sleepwalk out of her apartment unconsciously. 

You just gotta love Barney and how he works hard at not being in a relationship. He even thinks that "catching feelings" is some sort of sickness. Well, in any case, he is awesome in more ways than one, and not just because he said so. He also has a very bankable job, where for one he works in a bank, and for two, no one knows what he does exactly but he is loaded. 

This show kind of reminds me of Friends but I think Friends has the upper hand since it was the pioneer. Friends hanging out, drinking coffee/beer, going on and off with each other, sound familiar? But this has its plus points too, and mostly those points belong to Barney, kudos to him. Barney is the highlight of the show, no doubt about it, but the other characters are also lovable in their own way. 
HIMYM is on to season 5 and here I wisheth ith a longeth stayeth in televisioneth! Cheers.