Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie Makes Heartbreak Special

First off, I don't know why this was panned by critics. It was the perfect Valentine's film and it will leave couples with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts.

I have to say that I was really excited about the film when I saw the trailer, but when I heard that it was panned by critics I didn't want to watch it anymore, good thing I still did! Maybe hearing it was terrible made it an even better experience for me. I laughed, I clapped, and I was touched.

Maybe the scenarios weren't too original, but they are cliches for a reason, people fall in love with them every time. You'd hardly hear of an original romance film anyways unless it's super boring which then makes it Oscar worthy. That's why the MTV movie awards is for me.

Basically the story is about couples who fall out and in of love (yes, in that order) in Los Angeles, and how they are intertwined with one another. Kind of reminds you of Love Actually, actually, but that has a different feel, maybe it's the British thing.

The stellar cast is fantastically knitted together in this awesome date movie. Each one had a perfect cliched role to play:

*SPOILER ALERT* (Watch the Movie first :)
(w/ pic spam)

Jessica Alba ... Morley Clarkson
She's the girl that's too good to be true. She's sexy, beautiful, and puts her career before love.

Jessica Biel ... Kara Monahan
Why she's alone on Valentine's Day is anyone's guess, but she plays the role of the Valentine hater (but falls in love anyways) just perfectly.

Bradley Cooper ... Holden
After "He's Just Not That into You", a movie like this just wouldn't be the same without this guy; I'm surprised Ben Affleck wasn't in this movie. And is it just me or does him playing a super short gay role here made him even hotter? 

Eric Dane ... Sean Jackson
Ah, the sexy misunderstood football star, wouldn't be the same without it. Funny how in a lot of cases, those that are hot but have been single for so long turn out gay. I wanted to slap myself for not detecting it.

Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Harrison Copeland
Here he is not a brain surgeon, but a heart surgeon, typical of the crew to give him that role. He became famous as a doctor in "Grey's Anatomy", so this role is perfect for him. There is also a similarity in his love life here and there, he has an affair in both.

Hector Elizondo ... Edgar

That good old guy that has stayed loyal to his wife for over 50 years, but did not know she had an affair.

Jamie Foxx ... Kelvin Moore

The guy who is sick of Valentine's Day replacing his job but falls in love anyway.

Jennifer Garner ... Julia Fitzpatrick
The girl that falls for a married guy, when her true love was just right beside her as her all along. And did you see how she swang that bat around when she hit the heart pinata? Alias is back people!

Topher Grace ... Jason
The not so confident guy that fell for the perfect woman but can't accept her at first when he found out about her flaws. (You might remember this guy from "That 70's Show" as Eric Foreman, or "Spider-Man 3" as Venom).

Anne Hathaway ... Liz
The broke girl that hid from his boyfriend that she moonlights as a phone sex agent. I have to admit, this is quite new and hilarious at the same time. XD

Carter Jenkins ... Alex
I am sure that I have seen this guy somewhere before. He is just too cute wearing his guitar (and only his guitar) such a romantic and understanding guy. XD

Ashton Kutcher ... Reed Bennett
The guy who proposes to the perfect girl but dumps him afterward, which was when he found out he loved his best friend that had always been there for him.

Taylor Lautner ... Willy
The Athlete. (Man can he flip!) He has the perfect high school sweetheart in Taylor Swift. Funny how he said he can't just take off his shirt in public, when he had it off most of the time in New Moon.

George Lopez ... Alphonso
The guy with the perfect family, complete with loving wife and young kids.

Shirley MacLaine ... Estelle

The old woman in a perfect relationship who was not so loyal after all, but still loves her husband very much.

Emma Roberts ... Grace
The serious teenage girl deliberating her first time with her boyfriend to make that connection before they move apart.

Julia Roberts ... Captain Kate Hazeltine

The army mother who comes back Valentine's after a 14 hour flight just to visit her son.

Bryce Robinson ... Edison
The kid in love that just can't help being so cute and romantic.

Taylor Swift ... Felicia
The ditsy high school princess who feels she is totally in love. Like, totally, you know? I know a lot didn't like her acting, but she's just so adorable how could you resist her? I can't think of anyone else more perfect for the role. Funny how like in her song and here, she is not the head cheerleader. She can't dance but still look hot doing so.

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, let us proceed to the pairings!

Jessica Alba X Ashton Kutcher

So it starts of as the perfect proposal, which went something like "All the advice my dad ever gave me was crap, but he did say one good advice, if you are ever with a girl that's too good for you, marry her." Sage advice I'd say. No one expected her to say yes, for good reasons, she backed out and broke up with him the very same day. To be on the top of the world and bottom of the ocean all at the same day. Poor Ashton.

Jessica Biel X Eric Dane

Just for a second you'd want to think there might be a possibility that these two may end up together. They're both single and she works for him, so what seems to be the problem? Um, the fact that he's gay?

Bradley Cooper X Julia Roberts

Ok, don't deny it, everyone thought they'd end up together, but let's get to that later. They would have been a cool couple, they get along fine and seem to have that instant connection that allowed them to read each other better than most people that have met for the first time. At first I'd swear he was flirting, but this was totally not the case which I will tackle on later.

Patrick Dempsey X Jennifer Garner
He plays the role of the seemingly perfect guy. He's charming and a heart surgeon, what could be better combination than that? He just might
be the one, the suck part is that he is married, and Jennifer did not know about this. He continues to juggle time with his wife and his girlfriend perfectly until he made one wrong move of telling the florist that he has two girls. Any other florist wouldn't have mattered, but it just so happens that the florist was Jennifer's best friend, Ashton. She didn't believe him when he told her because she wanted it to be a lie, and thought Ashton just didn't want to let go, so she learned the hard way and paid back the amusing way. XD

Hector Elizondo X Shirley MacLaine
Their looks to each other are so sweet, bees are hovering nearby. You'd think they were in the perfect relationship, that never in their lives did they ever become unloyal to each other, but the facade is not always what it seems. Truth of the matter is, you can not love someone but still have sex with him. It's too bad he had to find out many years later just before their wedding vows. But if you love each other as much as these too, a little tiff like that won't hurt, they are under a rock solid foundation.

Topher Grace X Anne Hathaway

So she seems so into you and is really nice, so why does she bail out every so often just like that? Normally you'd think she's having an affair, what you didn't put into consideration is that she might be moonlighting as a Phone Sex Agent. So will he leave her or be man enough to face her flaws? Can I be any more rhetorical? :P

Jessica Biel X Jamie Foxx
Now here is an unlikely couple, but not so unlikely if you take a closer look. They are both single and they both hate Valentine's Day, and they fall for each other, don't you just love irony?

Taylor Lautner X Taylor Swift
Taylor squared acts as the typical prom king and queen that are happily and blindly in love, until the very end of the flick. No qualms here, they are perfect for each other, and can they be any hotter together? The elevator scene, EPIC.

Carter Jenkins X Emma Roberts
The first time has to be special and spontaneous, not planned. You can't just have sex to make a connection, there has to be that connection beforehand, you have to be truly madly deeply in love with each other. They have been together for a while and now that they are 18, they want to make Valentine's special by having sex. She thinks that this can be the perfect connection before parting ways for college, but then thinks otherwise, which he understands. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Jennifer Garner X Bryce Robinson

Just who would have thought this little dude had it bad for his teacher? Enough to be all sappy and romantic at such a young age. Everyone thought it was the Indian girl, but no, it had to be someone older. It was really coincidental and cool how the flower box that was supposed to go to Jessica Alba found their way to Jennifer Garner through this boy. :)

Bradley Cooper X Eric Dane
I bet every girl and the theater screamed at their little gay performance. Talk about hot! The highly unlikely and controversial couple somehow found their way into each others arms. The romantic in me likes to think he made that "I'm gay" announcement just so they can be together. Maybe Bradley didn't like heart shaped candies, but he sure had a thing for the lone flower he gave Eric.

Julia Roberts X Bryce Robinson
You'd think Julia would have some special guy she would come back home at Valentin
e's for, turns out she did, just not who we would have expected. When they hugged, it had to be one of the single most touching part in the story.

Ashton Kutcher X Jennifer Garner
Admit it, you knew this was coming. Best friends forever, have been there for each other, and have watched each others back for as long as they could remember. Just how could they not end up together? They've just both turned single and it's Valentine's Day for crying out loud! They just need a little more practice, they'll get there.

So what's the verdict? You'll completely absolutely positively fall head over heels in love with this movie, if you didn't maybe you just got your heart broken? Watch it again when you're all better.

Don't listen to what the critics are saying, this is a date movie you just got to see.

Rating: 80% - Can be not so original but still be really entertaining. Lacks something but can't put my finger on it. cool! heart-warming! great!


  1. It's a great movie despite what critics think. Everyone should go watch it!

  2. I just read until the Spoiler Alert. I wanted to watch this movie too. Don't care with the critics anyway :P

  3. @Minnie Runner: Aww... you shouldn't spoil yourself like that! haha It really is a fantastic date movie, go watch it! Don't listen to those stupid critics!

  4. @MinnieRunner: Oh, you didn't read the spoiler, lol I misunderstood. That's good. Happy viewing!


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