Monday, March 15, 2010

One Piece: Who's the Best Guy for Nami? Zoro!

I think this should be R-13, but nothing too bad, there are some implied stuff. Please help me decide by commenting about this.

NamixZoro - I know what I want by ~CappuccinoBird


As long as they can remember, Zoro and Nami never did see eye to eye about things.

OP-BigBadRedRidingHood- by ~vtophya

In fact, they were like Red Riding Nami and Wolf Zoro, always fighting. Of course, Red Riding Nami was far from helpless. 

Nami and Zoro by ~Wakamoley

She’d take on Zoro any time!

Nami vs. Zoro By Joouheika by ~LoveOfZoNa

They would fight about every little thing imaginable, there was always war happening between them. 

Zonami cute by ~amayaryuu

 They were both very prideful people, and of course, no one backed down.

If you want to read more, open in One Piece: Who's the Best Guy for Nami? Zoro! (There are a lot of pics so it may take a while to load.)

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  1. cute, bugt the bottom pic looks nuthing like them - though im lovin' the fox pic, can i borrow it and give credit to whoever drew it? i want they're silowetts to use for the drawing of my staory - pretty plz? :)


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