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6 Things I believed (loved) in Alice in Wonderland

There are a lot of fantastic videos out there for Alice that is more visually astounding, but I think this one is pretty unique as it creates an allusion through Avril. Weirdly enough, she doesn't seem to have accepted the Hatter's invitation and like ran away from her destiny or something. lol 

The Hatter part is 1:33, while the actual Alice clipshot/trailer is at 2:43, so you can skip the intros. I think the song fits the movie quite well. Although like I said, the video is in stark contrast to the actual set as it has a cheap background. 

Alice is a Wonderland of Visual Fascination!
1. The Virtual Reality
Top notch, one of the best IMAX presentations I've seen, and I've seen a lot. Everyone and everything comes to life on screen with the best CGI quality. It's a virtual feast/treat and young and old will be delighted. It pops out wicked and will make you feel that you really are in the Wonderland, living it like Alice. Of course, seeing it in 3D/ normal cinemas would be okay, but seeing it in IMAX would be a hundred times better. 
2. Johnny Depp
Yep, he was Mad as a Hatter. Depp never fails to amuse us with his quirky characters that are both familiar but unique at the same time. Familiar in that they are all unforgettable, wacky, and loony, unique as he plays different roles altogether. Of course, it was not just Depp that made this trip memorable. Anne Hathaway played a superb White Queen- delightful, lovable, principled, sweet, caring, and flawless in her own way. Alice looked more blooming when she was younger, now she looked a bit paler, perhaps her father's death in the beginning sucked the joy out of her. In any case, she played a wonderful Alice (pun intended)- pretty, charming, down to earth, and she channels much "muchness" (you'll see). The Knave of Hearts or the Queen of Heart's personal black knight was also endearing and wickedly devious, you'll simply love/hate his evil persona, guts, and wavering loyalty. Last but not the least is the Red Queen, who was hilarious with her bulging big head and she is a heartless lunatic you would love to hate. If you can't be loved then why not be feared? The terrific cast definitely brought the house down!

3. The Creatures
The Cheshire Cat was just adorable: frequently vanishing, and leaving his beautiful smiling turquoise eyes popping out into life on screen. A wickedly delightful and perceptive character that you would simply love. The White Mouse is very brave and doesn't trust easily, but he will be with you at the side of truth. The Bloodhound tells a sob tale of following the Red Queen as his wife and kids are held hostage. Of course, it is with the White Queen where his true loyalties lie. The White Rabbit with the waistcoat was what got Alice in this wonderful mess in the first place, and he was the one who frequently made sure that Alice was not at the right size (She was either too small, or too tall). He always carried with him a clock on a chain which ticked tocked and told Alice that she was late. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are so alike but couldn't be so different at the same time. Sure they look, talk, and act the same, but their opinions couldn't be more different. One says east, the other says west. I personally think one was smarter than the other though. And finally there is the all knowing but confusing Absalom, the wise blue caterpillar with the monocle who blows smoke. He has a small but substantial role in building Alice and the story.

4. Tim Burton
You just know that you cannot fail with a Tim Burton-Johnny Depp tandem. Add Helena Bonham Carter into the mix and you got yourself a masterpiece. Their works together never fail to amaze, and it is always filled with fascination only a Burton mind can come up with, and of course what comes out is an out of this world journey and a quirky Depp. You must know them from famous films such as Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and expect more tandems in the future. Burton seems to be extremely picky when it comes to people he works with and likes to work repeatedly with a select few that he doesn't disagree with. He has a vision for perfection. The right cast definitely aggravates him less and makes his directing/producing job a whole lot easier.

5. The Wonderland (This really is the fifth thing Alice believed in.)
You will be in awe with the place and fall right in love the moment Alice enters the mini door to this bright magical land where creatures spoke and plants bloomed colorful and humongous. It is no wonder Alice thought everything she saw was a dream, there was no way this could be real. The amount of imagination put into this was just out of this world. The art direction was truly professionally executed with enough brilliance to last a lifetime. Truly awe-inspiring!

6. The Seamless Adaptation
This definitely beats the Disney version hands down. It had more story and life put into it, not to mention colors, that made the dream come into reality. It is a dream where you would want to be in forever, which is why it's a wonder Alice wanted to wake up. (Well of course bad guys were after her, but you get the picture.) The storyline was well crafted as the script and characters were beautifully engineered into this cinematic masterpiece, and it would be a crime if it does not win an award. It had just the right amount of renditions to make the story come more to life and be more engaging. Tim Burton made the characters more lovable and ruthless, which gave way to fantastic character development and contrast.

Wow, just wow. You just have to know that I loved this flick. It had everything to bring back that kid in you, and remind us of how we once thought that the world was fascinating, and how with enough imagination, it still is. 

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."- George Bernard Shaw

In this case, it was the unreasonable woman. Everyone tried their best to adapt in the cruel world they lived in, but Alice gave them hope and made them realize that they can do something to create a better Wonderland for everyone. 

Alice: This is Impossible.
Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is. ;)

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