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Witch is Magical: Meridian Arc Review

This is a story of five young girls who are given extraordinary powers to serve as guardians and to maintain peace and order in the different worlds. And if that is not tough enough, they also have to face the qualms of being thirteen! Friends, love lives, bullies, family problems, you name it! Good thing they have powers to make things a lot easier for them!

Meridian Arc
This is also known as the Meridian Arc or the premier saga where the girls are introduced. They are slowly noticing that they are able to do extraordinary things, "Magical" things that can't be explained any way else. Everything gets cleared up when Yan Lin, Hay Lin's grandmother, told them about their role in the universe as guardians and how they must protect the veil stitching that separates Meridian from the rest of the universe.  This was put in place because Meridian is ruled by an evil king named Phobos who will stop at nothing to gain the universe even if it means sucking Meridian dry. It is the guardian's task to defeat Phobos and restore order in Meridian.

Slowly though, Meridian citizens have gotten weary from maltreatment and wanted to cross the veil, and there are 12 portals all over Heatherfield (Witch City) where they can pass through. Part of the guardian's task is to close these portals as if there are a lot who cross, it will break the veil permanently.

One of their best friends, Elyon, just found out that she was the Queen of Meridian and took Phobos' side. She is said to be the Light of Meridian and have more powers than the Witch combined. Has she really turned evil? Will they be able to convince her to become friends again?

Cedric is Phobos' messenger and henchman that returned Elyon to Meridian so that Phobos can such her powers. He is very loyal to Phobos and would one day want to be his whisperer or mystical servant.

                       Phobos                                    Elyon                                       Cedric



Will is the leader of the group and holds the Heart of Kandrakar, or the source of all the Witch power. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother. She likes to swim. She kept a dormouse as a pet after she save it from Uriah's Gang (Notorious Bullies). When she makes up her mind, she makes up her mind, which makes her a decisive leader.

- Transform Witch using the Heart of Kandrakar.
- Use the Heart of Kandrakar to get themselves out of sticky situations.
- Use the Heart of Kandrakar to make things smaller. 
- Teleport Witch using the Heart of Kandrakar.
- Ability to speak to gadgets. 
- Gadgets can know her dreams. 
- Animals can know her mood and thoughts, and can empathize with them, which also affect heir mood. 
- Gets dizzy when a portal or someone from Meridian is near. 

Irma is the clown of the group and can never be serious.She eats a lot. Her brother always gets on her nerves.  Her dad is a policeman in Heatherfield.

- Ability to control the Element of Water. 
- Can create an air bubble using the Element of Water to help them breath under water.
- Control what question comes out in an oral quiz. 
- Transform people into toads!

Taranee is very timid and Math is her favorite subject. Her older brother, Peter, looks after her. Her mom is a judge while her dad is a lawyer. 

- Ability to control the Element of Fire.  
- Can make little balls of fire to light up a place using the Element of Fire.
- Create a channel with the girls so they can speak with each other through thoughts. 

Cornelia is very logical and is the last one to believe in the existence of Magic even when it was staring at her face. She is Elyon's best friend. She has won a medal for Ice Skating. Irma gets on her nerves because they have totally different personalities. Her sister Lilian always bothers her. 

- Ability to Control the Element of Earth. 
- Can control plants using the Element of Earth.
- She can clean her room with a little magic. 

Hay Lin is the most light hearted of the group. She is very artistic and it shows in her drawings and fashion. Her family owns a restaurant called the Red Dragon.

- Ability to Control the Element of Air. 
- Can fly using the Element of Air. 
- Can clean  a room using the Element of Air.
- She can know the past through a related sound. 

Group Powers
- Transform to a Witch with wings and a neat costume that makes them look a few years older.
- Create Astral Drops or copy of themselves that act exactly like them and they can absorb their memories afterwards.
- Power of Invisibility.


Will X Matt
Will found out about Matt as the lead singer and guitarist of Cobalt Blue. They were able to meet because of a very unfortunate accident when Will hit Matt's foot because she thought he was Uriah when she was trying to defend the dormouse. The dormouse became a bridge for their relationship as Matt's grandpa owns a Pet Shop and she frequents there because of it. They are still awkward but it is obvious that they have a thing for each other.

Irma X Martin
Irma calls Martin pizza face but Martin continues to pursue her. Irma has frankly told Martin that she only wants to be friends but he can't get a hit. Martin is a huge dork who tutors Irma in French.

Taranee X Nigel
They are an odd couple at first because Taranee is the daughter of a judge and a lawyer while Nigel is a delinquent and part of Uriah's Gang. Nigel saw the error of his ways though, quit the gang, and started to pursue Taranee.

Cornelia X Caleb
It is as if they were destined to meet. Cornelia has been dreaming about Caleb for as long as she can remember, and as it turns out, so was he. They live in two different worlds, Cornelia on Earth while Caleb in Meridian. But worlds can't set them apart, they are united by a promise

Hay Lin X ?
Oh, she will meet her cute guy in a future saga, so stick around! They will be fantastic together. The only pairing who did no break apart.

I have a huge collection of Witch and have been a fan as soon as it came out. I am only missing 55, 67 and 68, so if you want to sell me those please contact me. issues

In any case, if you are interested in reading Witch you can check out these scans:

The Witch story is still ongoing so come and discover the Magic!

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