Wednesday, March 3, 2010

VA: Where Vampires go to Learn

Hogwarts, Vampire style. That's what I thought at first when I read what the book was about. With a title like Vampire Academy, you'd expect nothing less than a school for Vampires. It also talks about temptation of forbidden love, which is simply classic and I can't help but compare the novel to Twilight. It's like a mix of Hogwarts and Twilight, two of my favorite books ever. I knew I just had to read this. 

It's actually a toned down mixed version of the two. Not too many lessons and not too many romances, just right. Although this might be a little more appealing to a girl audience. It could have used a little more action though, but I guess that it is only beginning and might be something you can expect from the sequels, such as  the 2nd book Frostbite. How original a title, but still apt.

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